The trailer electrical wire harness needs protection

Connect-to-Protect offers: high retailer margins and provides attractive, premiere protection for your trailer wire harness. Lighting and safety braking system failure is the top complaint for trailer owners – and its 100% avoidable. Connect-to-Protect prevents harness and connector damage from impact, dragging, crushing, corrosion, and fouling. Your trailer will always be ready to use when you are ready to use it.

The electrical trailer wiring harness is usually suspended from the trailer tongue and may be subject to damage from trailer movement, corrosion, and fouling from external elements. A damaged trailer wire connector can also damage the onboard vehicle connection. This can result in inoperable lighting and safety systems; which may cause the owner to be subject to Motor Vehicle Act fines and render the trailer unavailable for use.

The Connect -to- Protect provides a secure mount and offers protection for the trailer harness while not in use. When mounted to the trailer tongue, the Connect-to-Protect provides a means of total protection for the installed trailer wire harness.

• Fits all style of 4, 5, and 7 prong plugs on the market • Proven In Use – Field Tested for 17 Years ! • Inexpensive • Easy to install • Prevents corrosion of connector when not in use • Prevents damage to connector from impact or dragging • Maintains electrical component in working order for long term reliability • Avoid rewiring trailer harness which can be expensive and time consuming • Avoid Motor Vehicle Act violations due to inoperable trailer lighting systems • Comes with all hardware and instructions

Our product is a commercial grade, extensively tested, line of protection and securing devices for all trailer wire systems on the market. We meet high standards for durability and utility and have been approved for use in all future Canadian Military marine and land trailer contracted acquisitions.

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